A different exhibition that breaks the classic patterns of a fine art exhibition-opening.

An exhibition that transforms the city and the public space into an open-air museum-hall so that fine art is visible and accessible to everyone.

In the last period of time, visiting museums, spaces, art exhibition halls is more extensive, but even so there are still many people who do not reach, do not dare to enter a gallery-museum as a classic space for fine art exhibition.


So that EXPO TIN ART brings closer and more visible, exposed to the eyes of the beholders, fine art in all its colorful splendor.

EXPO TIN ART brings novelty-innovation, diversity and creativity to the open public space.

NOVELTY AND INNOVATION, we break the classic patterns-boundaries of an exhibition, allowing all artists from all over the world to exhibit their creations in an open public space.

We respect the CREATIVITY, the uniqueness, the effort and the work put of by each artist in a colorful collective exhibition panel.

We bring DIVERSITY, artistic color and unify, connect artists from all over the world regardless of their artistic background.

EXPO TIN ART wants to bring a major impact, a point of reference in art exhibitions, for artists, viewers, visitors and for the city.

For artists, it is a real benefit, an advantage to exhibit their creations publicly, in an open public space, online and in the media.

Visitors, viewers can admire, discover fine art outside the walls and closed spaces such as a gallery or museum.

We bring and develop creativity, the beauty of colors for visitors, tourists and the community.

EXPO TIN-ART is an fine art exhibition organized by OSTIN ART, a registered company authorized by the current laws of the European Union and Romania.