We transform and replace the way in which fine art is publicly exhibited and we advertise through art. The size of the panel will be a maximum of 6m +/- by 3m (one or two panels in the reserved available space).

The idea and concept of EXPO TIN ART unites artists from all over the world on a large exhibition board in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

EXPO TIN ART is in its first edition and wants to become a point of reference and an exhibition event every year or twice a year. For this we need the support and trust of your artists and sponsors.


EXPO TIN ART will take care of an exceptional visibility and a good promotion of the event and fine arts through the online, public and interactive environment. Each artist will have his work displayed (each work will have a place on the panel of approximately +/- 30cm/30cm, a link-portfolio to the artist's website, a QR code and a promotion on the event pages or other pages and profile groups. Thus everything will be more creative, more towards the community and all united on an accessible exhibition board in an open public space.

For sponsors who want to be part of this event and want to be a collaborator/partner and the opportunity to advertise with us and through art.