The story of Ostin begins many years ago, it represents the summation of talent with perpetual work, obviously the contemplation of the enriching environment and the current circumstances. 

       Ostin is actually the union of talent and creative work of two plastic artists with studies in the field of fine arts. Two plastic artists with different styles, one centered on easel painting and one artist for decorative-textile painting. 

        The name Ostin wants to become a brand in this good-crazy world, worthy of colors beyond the clouds. Wants to become a brand in the field of fine art, a brand in many directions that is related to the creative potential. From this point of view Ostin will find paintings, drawing-portraits, up to another category that is tangential to the creative side, making jewelry (unique series), especially natural leather accessories, painted natural leather, logo design , business cards, wedding invitations (manually assembled own invitation invitations) and painting on painted wood and furniture. Certain creative products, from the logo category, painted furniture, natural leather accessories, own design prints on various products will be very soon on site. All these creative creations are unique creations that will be found in the online store.

         Follow us for future projects ....!

         The words are superfluous, we expect you to discover the creations and products of Ostin!

         We are waiting for you, team Ostin, Cristian and Camelia