The collection entitled 'Static Black-White' is a return to drawings-graphic design. It includes 40 works measuring 30 cm / 40 cm made from a combination of pencil and charcoal. The drawings are mostly made horizontally but are also made vertically.

  This collection captures personal work objects, decorative objects, old household objects, boxes, decanters, glasses, fruits, in different poses with the play between light, shadow and reflection. It is a story, a combination of these objects, fruits captured from different angles and positions of the protagonist objects from the perspective of the creative eye but also of the viewer. For the most part the same combinations are repeated but from different angles in full splendor of the game between the three magical words, light-shadow-reflex.

  These works of a static nature are made on the border between very realistic and the artist interpretation, in this case signed Istian (Costin Cristian), captured by the game and the magical combination of shadow, light and reflection.

  The drawings from this collection were made in 2019, all 40 works are framed and are waiting to be admired here on the site, in the catalog to promote the collection made in Zurich 2019 and in future exhibitions.

The Black White Static Collection was promoted and was exhibited in the mini catalog from Zurich 1.0 in 2019, the Personal Exhibition at AAP Cluj in March 2021, the Collective Exhibition Monochrome 'Black and White and something else' at ClujArt Gallery in May 2021 and soon in others locations. 

 Words are superfluous and graphic drawings are admirable!